Overall Awards

There are 2 overall winners of the ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards:

  1. Overall Senior Winner
  2. Overall Junior Winner 

Category Awards

NEW Category Image YEA2013

Winners: There are Junior & Senior winners of each of the 10 categories. The Super Junior age group (age 10-12 years) is non-category specific and is awarded as a separate special award.

Shortlisted Project: Each member of all final groups recieve a certificate.

Certificate of Participation: All non-final groups who submit their project recieve a Certificate of Participation for each group member. 

*Please note that ECO-UNESCO reserves the right to eliminate and/or combine categories where there is a low number of entries or where entries are deemed not to have reached the required standard. In this situation there may not be an award presented in each category.


Additional Awards 

Super Junior Award 

Presented to the best of our youngest Young Environmentalists in this new (non-category specific) age group (10-12). 

Local to Global SDG Award 

This is an additional award which projects are eligible for if they can find and highlight a link between their action project and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For more information about the SDGs, please click here

People’s Choice Award

ECO-UNESCO will host an online vote where the public gets to decide their favourite project! As this is an online-based vote, it is a good idea for you to get working on a social media presence from early on – every vote will count!

Further Growth Award

If you participated in the YEA in recent years and are interested in continuing your existing project and developing it further, apply for an additional award called ‘Further Growth’. Remember that all of the legwork has already been done. All you need to do is to identify what went well and what didn’t go well last time and take further action! Your existing project can be passed on to another group (e.g. next year’s TY group or new YEA project group from the same school/youth organisation).

ECO-Mentor of the Year Award

This Award recognises outstanding YEA Project Mentors who go above and beyond to encourage and support young people in their eco-action. All YEA Mentors are eligible for this Award. Do you want to become an Eco-Leader or nominate your teacher/leader for the Leadership Award? Find out how on the Eco-Leader page.

ECO-Sustainability Award

ECO-UNESCO’s Sustainability Award is designed to assist youth organisations and community organisations wishing to contribute towards building a more sustainable future. The aim is to reward and celebrate youth organisations at each step along their journey towards sustainability. Find out more at the ECO-Centre page or contact ysd@ecounesco.ie or call 01 662 5491 to find out how we can support you. 


Are You Looking for Project Inspiration? 

Our sponsor, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has lots of information on various environmental issues on its website! Please visit: http://www.epa.ie/irelandsenvironment/.