The ECO-Sustainability Award aims to encourage youth and community organisations to become more sustainable by providing organisations with training, on-going support and a practical toolkit.

You are undertaking actions to lead the way towards a more socially and environmentally just future for all and you are interested in celebrating and rewarding the work of your Youth and Community organisation?

These awards are for you!

Sustainability is not just about “being Green” it is also about social equity, inclusion and justice – in all dimensions of our lives.

Being sustainable includes looking both at our responsibilities to those closest to us and our global responsibilities.

A sustainable organisation takes these responsibilities seriously!

The ECO Sustainability Award is about developing and promoting the skills, attitudes and behaviour that both adults and young people need to create more sustainable organisations.  


SUS Bray                                     

RehabCare Bray, in their second year participating in the ECO-Sustainability Award, created a vegetable garden as one of their actions in successfully achieving the silver award.


 SUS Gold

What are the benefits of participating in ECO-Sustainability Award?

  • Receive a national award, recognising the work you do.
  • Develop decision-making and analytical skills of everyone in the organisation.
  • Achieve financial savings for your organisation.
  • Gain support and share ideas with other organisations.
  • Create a stronger relationship with the local community.
  • Become part of a global movement

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What’s involved in the awards?

 ECO-UNESCO has developed a simple, six step approach to sustainability as follows: 



Those joining the awards scheme will receive:

  • The ECO-Sustainability Awards Handbook and Toolkit containing the 6-step approach.
  • Training for your organisation.
  • Support and advice from ECO-UNESCO staff.
  • Educational resources, including suggestions fro action projects, case studies that will help you develop and carry out your action plans.

 To find out more or register your interest contact us at training@ecounesco.ie or call 01 662 5491.



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