EDUCATORS' WEEK 2020 - 24th - 26th August

A series of short workshops & events for Teachers, Youth Leaders and Mentors!

Join us and learn more about Sustainable Development Education and our NEW Resources

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We just launched our NEW PUBLICATION the Youth for Sustainable Manual for Teachers, Youth Leaders, and Educators. 

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What is Educators’ Week?

We are delighted to present these series of short online events for Teachers, Youth Leaders, Mentors and Educators focused on the topics of Sustainable Development Education.  These talks and workshops are designed to support your work with young people and introduce you to some new resources, methodologies, and support systems.  We are delighted to be launching our much-anticipated NEW resource – Youth for Sustainable Development Manual 2020 as part of this programme.

When is Educators’ Week taking place?

From Monday the 24th August to Wednesday 26th August. The launching of our NEW resource – Youth for Sustainable Development Manual will take place on Monday 24th August at 1:00pm.

How can I participate in Educators’ Week?

Just clicking here