Green Works (141)

Why Change?
How to talk about Climate Justice

Mon 30/11/2020
Learn how to communicate about Climate Justice with your friends and family. Tips and tricks on how to communicate without losing the plot or your temper!
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Who's the change?
Meet the activists

Tues 01/12/2020
Join a panel of Climate Justice activists to learn how they are using their voices to stand up, be counted, and create change
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How to change?
Meet the politicians

Wed 02/12/2020
Politics and policies can be daunting no doubt. Luckily we have the experts on hand to show us how to unravel the dialogue and navigate our way to create change at a political level
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Go Dance For Change

Thurs 03/12/2020
This dance workshop aims to show how we can use dance to express ourselves, feel confident, and empowered while learning and having fun.
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Get creative with the change
Meet the creatives

Fri 04/12/2020
Clean out your vocal cords and grab your creative caps. An interactive workshop to show how you can channel your creativity and use it as a vehicle to create change.
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I'm the change!
Showcase and award ceremony

Sat 05/12/2020
Join us in a celebration and showcase of our youth climate justice challenge projects. This is an open event for young people to learn from other young people and get inspired by their project ideas
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