The aim of this programme isto provide learners with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to involve participants in the preparation and planning for their future careers and work by learning their rights and reasonability’s when working as an employee, investigating opportunities available, researching position openings and job seeking skills, learning interview tools and techniques then working under direction in a specific vocational area and reviewing and evaluating that work. The experience of work enables learners to develop work skills, evaluate employment opportunities and cope with changing work environments.



Participants of this programme will: 

  1. Analyse key challenges and opportunities facing a particular vocation area
  2. Compile a personal and vocation skills audit and career plan to include goals and action points 
  3. Present relevant documentation to include personal CV and letter of application 
  4. Demonstrate effective communication skills to include personal, interpersonal and technological communication skills
  5. Explore options for future education, training and employment in light of work experience.

This course is currently being offered under our Youth Employability Programmes.