Level 5 : Peer Education 

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Peer Education 
Award Type: Minor 
Awarding Body: QQI
Code: 5N2709 
NFQ Level: 5 
Credit Value: 15  
Duration: 150 hours (normally over 12 weeks) 

Programme Purpose and Learning Outcomes

Programme Purpose: To equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to act ethically and effectively as peer educators under direction in youth work contexts. 

Learning Outcomes: 

On successful completion of the course, learners will be able to; 

  • Discuss the underpinning values, principles and unique attributes of peer education approaches in the context of youth work 
  • Summarise the qualities, skills and role of the peer educator in working with peer groups of young people in youth work contexts 
  • Analyse the key issues affecting young people (12-22 years) in contemporary Ireland with a specific focus on how youth work seeks to respond to those issues 
  • Discuss the key elements that contribute to effective communication in groups of young people to include tools and techniques to enhance that communication 
  • Employ a range of social research and analysis skills to include searching for, sourcing, evaluating, compiling and presenting material from a range of sources suitable for peer education projects that engage with the issues that affect young people 
  • Design a series of energisers, ice-breakers, warm ups, warm downs and small group exercises that can be used in working with groups of young people 
  • Implement a peer education process, to include its planning and review, that responds to the identified needs of young people 
  • Apply good practice in relation to the core values and principles of peer education processes 
  • Critically reflect on the potential of peer education approaches to enhance young people’s personal, social and civic development 
  • Examine own values, strengths, challenges, boundaries, role and participation in peer education processes under the direction of a supervisory youth worker 
  • Work effectively and ethically as a peer educator under the supervision of a youth worker in youth work context. 

Entry Requirements, Assessment and Transfer & Progression

Entry Requirements:  

  • Must be able to demonstrate the levels of knowledge, skill and competence associated with NFQ level 4 
  • Competent in written and spoken English  
  • Be comfortable studying in a virtual learning environment (VLE)  

Project: 50% 
Assignment: 30% 
Learner Record: 20% 

Transfer and Progression 
This minor award can be used to meet the requirements of the following major award; 5M4732 | 5 | Youth Work 

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