ECO-Choices Programme

ECO-UNESCO’s ECO-Choices Programme is a programme that focuses on the positive aspects of a community and the environment.

It looks at how a community and the environment can provide positive physical and mental wellbeing. The programmes non-formal, interactive methodologies support the building of the young peoples capacities to make positive life choices.

The programme is based on the ideas that:

1. Environmental action projects and environmental activities can provide a very positive alternative for young people

2. Environmental education is a powerful means of developing young peoples sensitivities to others and the world around them.

3. The natural environment is a powerful medium, which can affect peoples’ attitudes and their behaviour.

The Eco-Choices Programmes aims to:

  • Focus on empowerment of young people by using the natural environment as a platform for positive psychological and physical development
  • The programme will be tailored to suit each individual group’s needs, to ensure that their knowledge, attitudes and experiences are acknowledged and taken account of
  • Build on the experience of ECO-UNESCO to date, of working with young people and the environment
  • The resources and experience of ECO-UNESCO shall be incorporated into the programme as much as possible
  • Incorporate a variety of interactive approaches including outdoor learning activities
  • Be conscious of the fact that drug misuse does not occur in a vacuum but rather has multiple causes and effects
  • Be monitored and evaluated at regular intervals

Non-Formal Education

  • ECO-Youth Choices 10-12 Week Programme
  • ECO-Youth CHOICES Peer Education
  • ECO-Youth Choices Action Project Support
  • ECO-Youth CHOICES – Social Personal Health Education
  • Community Participation Course (QQI Accredited Module – L3)

Outdoor Education

  • ECO-Youth Choices outdoor education

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