Volunteering with us

Do you have the following qualities:

  • Are you self-motivated, energetic and creative
  • Have an ability to work on your own initiative as well as part of a team
  • Experience or interest in working with children and young people 
  • Interest in the environment
  • Excellent organisational skills

ECO-UNESCO is currently running a number of programmes with young people and we need some volunteers to get involved! All the activities provide a great opportunity to gain experience in working with young people. It is not necessary to commit to an entire programme or camp but if you are interested in any of the activities below please contact us with which one(s) and your availability.

Get Involved

To become a volunteer with ECO-UNESCO!

– submit by email: admin@ecounesco.ie 

If you are already a volunteer for ECO-UNESCO, please email us stating which programme you are interested in and what your availability is.

Email address: admin@ecounesco.ie 

Why Volunteer with ECO-UNESCO?

More information on the the benefits of volunteering with ECO-UNESCO.

What are the benefits of volunteering with ECO-UNESCO?

1. Valuable work experience
Most employers today are looking for people with relevant experience as well as academic qualifications. One way to gain the experience is to become a volunteer with ECO-UNESCO. From contributing a few hours a month to regular weekly involvement. ECO-UNESCO offers to volunteers a wide range of work experience.

2. Educations and training
Volunteers are given the chance to become proficient in various skills ranging from tree planting and environmental conservation to using computers, desktop publishing and project management skills. Volunteers can also learn an important people skill, such as teamwork, motivation and providing leadership.

3. References
Full credit will be provided for all work done, for example named co-authors on resource packs. This is very useful to volunteers who want to build up a portfolio of work. Full work references are available for all volunteers.

4. Personal satisfaction
As a ECO-UNESCO volunteer you will be working with an enthusiastic, dynamic and growing organisation and have many opportunities to be involved in rewarding, team-based and meaningful work.

5. Programmes and events
Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in ECO-UNESCO activities, including field trips, conservation activities and others.

6. International opportunities
Using the organisation’s extensive national and international connections, ECO-UNESCO runs an International Opportunities Programme to allow any volunteers from abroad to join in.

Other volunteering opportunities include:

ECO-Youth Choices Outdoor Education Programme

ECO-Explorers Kids Camps

Environmental Youth Events

Young Environmentalist Awards


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