Our values


Respect for young people, our participants, volunteers, employees and our stakeholders.


Passion for the environment and for our young people, and an acknowledgement that the natural environment plays an important role in all our lives and in the development and education of our young people.


We value youth-led approaches, creativity and innovation, action based learning, and fun as we work together to protect the environment and impact the lives of young people.

What is important to us

Health & Happiness

Young people are happy and health


Environmental education and education for sustainable development and the role they play in environmental protection. Providing in-formal and non-formal educational opportunities to young people.

Making Friends

Making friends and meeting like-minded young people

Appreciation of nature

Promoting a deep understanding and appreciation of the natural environment

Positive mental and physical well-being

The natural environment plays an important role in positive mental & physical health and the well-being of young people

Youth development

Youth Development and the Principles and practices of Youth Work


Create a culture of fun

Active learning

Peer education, leadership development and learning by doing

Global links

Thinking globally, acting locally Promote the ideals of UNESCO and incorporate concepts and training from the Global Action Programme

Clean healthy environment

Clean healthy environment


Recognising and valuing young peoples contribution


Creativity and Innovation


Quality and evidence based programmes

Outdoors & Experiential Learning

Outdoor activities and outdoor education