Learning 2 Change

Learning 2 Change Our World promotes Education for Sustainable Development in Secondary Schools, contributing to the implementation of the national Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development. The programme is available to teachers and young people in secondary schools throughout Ireland. Check out the programme here. 

Environmental Workshops

ECO-UNESCO is a specialist provider of environmental education and youth services in Ireland.

Our environmental workshops are available to schools and youth groups, with each workshop designed to empower young people to learn more about environmental topics in an interactive, positive way which includes fun activities and games appropriately designed for each age group.

Our workshops:

  • Can be arranged for a date that suits both you and the facilitator
  • Are available through flexible delivery methods which can take place in-person in your school/youth venue or through online delivery.
  • Are suitable for any age-group 
  • Can accommodate up to 30 students
  • Last approximately 1.5 – 2 hours.


We have a range of affordable options on offer, covering the following topics:

Climate Action

This workshop examines the main causes and impacts of climate change, and provides a deeper understanding of the current climate situation. We focus on positive actions we can take – both as individuals and a community to combat climate change and call for climate action.

Fashion Focus

This workshop explores unsustainable production and consumption of fashion and examines how the fashion industry contributes to environmental and social issues. We assess ways which we can help to create a more sustainable and ethical fashion-forward strategy.

Waste Warriors

This workshop opens our eyes to the waste we often forget about – food, water, energy and resources. It allows us to perform a ‘self-audit’ to understand what waste we contribute to the most and discusses the positive actions we can take to reduce our consumption levels and contribution to waste.

Exploring Ecology & Biodiversity

This workshop explores the interconnectedness of all living things and the importance of biodiversity for human health & the environment. We explore the positive and negative impacts we can have on biodiversity and discuss the actions we can take to protect biodiversity on a local to global level.

Plastic Patrol

In this workshop we explore the positive and negative sides of modern plastics, and the impact which plastic production and pollution has on the environment, wildlife and humans. We discuss positive actions to reduce our plastic dependency at both an individual and community level.

Climate Justice

Climate change does not affect everyone equally. Climate change is not just an environmental issue, but it is also a social, ethical, and human rights issue. In this workshop, we explore how we can advocate for climate jusitce and a “just transition” as individuals and in our community. 

Food for Future

This workshop takes a deep dive into the current food production system and the huge impact it has on our environment, waste, and sustainable development. We discuss possible actions to help create a more sustainable food system and positive changes we can make.

Climate Campaigning

Want to get involved in climate action but don’t know where to start? This workshop gives a complete guide to youth climate activism such as writing to our TD’s, climate campaigning, environmental actions and tips to help manage climate anxiety.

6 Steps to Success

This workshop is one of our most sought-after workshops. It introduces participants to good project planning, and helping them to gain confidence to conduct their own environmental projects in their school, their community, or as part of the Young Environmentalist Awards.

Student Council Training

This 3-hour training day offers a motivational space for the student council to think critically on how their school can improve their contribution to sustainable development. We will also explore the necessary skills to perform a school sustainability audit, discuss good project management and start brainstorming on ways the student council can implement sustainable changes during their term.

TY Sustainable Development Programme

This 6-module course is based on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and gives TY students an opportunity to explore different areas of sustainable development in more detail. We focus on both social and environmental sustainability, encourage the students to think critically and to assess their own habits, and gain confidence in voicing their opinions on sustainability issues.

Workshops pricing 2022/2023

1 – Online delivery means the full workshop is delivered live by our facilitator via a platform of your choice. Includes environmental discount due to carbon savings due to travel. 
2 – Blended delivery means pre-recorded videos and exercise materials are provided ahead of time for the teacher to utilize, followed by a 30-minute online session with our facilitator at the end via a platform of your choice. 
* – Blended delivery is currently available for specific workshops. 
3 – In person delivery means our facilitator will attend your group and deliver the workshop in person. Additional travel costs may also apply.

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