Youth Action for Nature and Well-being

It's strategic partnership between 6 European organisations, led by ECO-UNESCO. We have carefully chosen expert youth organisations and education leaders to partner with!


Ireland's leading environmental education and youth organisation working to channel the passion, creativity and energy of young people into positive environmental action.
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Gaia Education

Gaia Education is a Scotland-based, international provider of Education for Sustainable Development, with a particular focus on community-led initiatives.
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Youth 4 Smile

Youth4Smile is a youth organization striving to be a resource for sustainability in local communities. They provide experiences for young people at the local and international levels to promote personal development, empowering learning and participation.
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OZ VIPA SK is a civic association that to supports integrated development in rural Slovakia. OZ VIPA SK works with a wide range of stakeholders, connecting rural citizens to national organisations and markets to promote sustainable circular ecosystems.
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Resilience.Earth is a non-profit “change management” cooperative of community educators, researchers, and consultants dedicated to strengthening community resilience, ensuring ecological sustainability and embedding social solidarity economy in rural Catalonia, Spain.
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Ecowellness Consulting

Ecowellness Consulting Ltd is a ‘Profit for Purpose’ nature-based enterprise with a strong social and environmental mission. Ecowellness Consulting, designs, delivers, and evaluates nature-based interventions to promote and enhance positive mental health.
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This partnership is focused on innovation because we are interested in exploring BRAND NEW youth-led solutions to environmental issues facing young people across the continent!

Together with young people, the 6 partners will be working to create new ways of working with young people that combine 3 main areas:

-Transformative learning
-Action competence
-Nature-based strategies for positive mental health.

Wondering what all that means? Check it out below...

What do we want to achieve?

The project has 3 main objectives:

In working towards achieving these objectives the project will produce 5 different outputs for dissemination by the end of 2023. These outputs will be used by educators, youth workers and young people themselves, to help us all build towards a more sustainable future where the youth are empowered to take environmental action while maintaining their mental health and well-being. 

The 5 outputs for the project are listed below:


Case study

Youth Action
design guide

Youth Action
e-Learning course

Evaluation Tool

Do we need your help?


The 6 world class organisations taking part in this project will share their experiences of best practice and pilot a series of interventions with youth groups over the course of 2022 to get young peoples’ input. Young people have a critical role to play in this project and ECO-UNESCO will be looking for participants to join us at international events in Ireland, Spain, Latvia, and Slovakia. These events will connect groups of like minded people and help the project test and design new strategies and techniques for learning and creating environmental projects. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, learn from peers and experience an international programme.

Registrations will be open soon! 

In the meantime, if you want to have more information you can contact Richard at 

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