Level 4 : Growing Vegetables 

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ECO-UNESCO is an accredited QQI centre operating under the qualities and standards set out by QQI, the National Awarding Body.

Programme and Award Name: Growing Vegetables 
Award Type: Minor 
Awarding Body: QQI
Code: 4N0671 
NFQ Level: 4 
Credit Value: 10
Duration: 100 hours (normally over 12 weeks) 

Programme Purpose and Learning Outcomes

Programme Purpose: To equip the learner with the relevant knowledge, skill and competence to plant, grow and maintain a range of vegetables under supervision. 

Learning Outcomes: 

On successful completion of the course, learners will be able to; 

  • State the principles of crop rotation including a rationale and examples 
  • State the major factors affecting soil suitability for vegetable production to include soil composition, nutrient availability, water holding capacity, drainage, organic matter content and compaction 
  • Prepare ground for vegetable growing to include digging, breaking up of soil, removal of debris, weeds and large stones to form suitable surface 
  • Apply compost, manure and fertiliser to a stated rate at planting and throughout the growing season 
  • Grow a range of vegetables to include brassicas, legumes, root crops and salad crops from seeds, including both station and drill sown, tubers, sets, plugs and transplants 
  • Maintain growing vegetable crops to include watering, weather and pest protection, training and supporting 
  • Deal with common pests and diseases of vegetable crops to include identification and control by a range of methods 
  • Deal with weeds to include identification and control by a range of methods 
  • Harvest a range of vegetables to include selection, grading and packing 
  • Operate within appropriate safety procedures to create and maintain a safe working environment including safety standards regarding lifting, carrying and handling plants, tools and equipment. 

Entry Requirements, Assessment and Transfer & Progression

Entry Requirements:  

  • Must be able to demonstrate the levels of knowledge, skill and competence associated with NFQ level 3 
  • Competent in written and spoken English  
  • Be comfortable studying in a virtual learning environment (VLE)  

Skills Demonstration: 80% 
Examination: 80% 

Transfer and Progression 
This minor award can be used to meet the requirements of the following major awards; 4M1994 | Level 4 | Horticulture 

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