ECO-UNESCO's Youth Voices

The purpose of this initiative is to be the voice and include the voice of young people on issues related to the environment. We’ve taken thoughts, quotes, survey responses and videos from young people that have been involved and benefited from any of ECO-UNESCO’s programmes.

Young people’s voices matter and we are ready to stand up and speak out with them!

I’m only 20 years old and I’ve already seen a huge change in the Irish climate in the last 10 years. The weather is more extreme and the seasons are messed up.

Climate Justice Survey 2020
"My principles have led me to become an environmentalist"

As a young person today, it is very hard to not feel impacted by climate change. We are the generation who will be forced to live in a world irreversibly changed by the carelessness of older generations.

Climate Justice Survey 2020
Being a young environmentalist provides you with the tools and opportunities you need.

Climate change is something that is often on my mind. It is a cause of anxiety for me at time that I try not to think about these days - I care deeply about the environment and climate justice and it is a source of stress for me thinking about it excessively. For other things in life that are a source of anxiety you can tackle mostly on personal level but climate anxiety is something I can do little about. There is only so much an individual to do. The real action is at government level and to date I feel very let down by governments in not addressing the biggest issue we will face in our lifetimes.

Climate Justice Survey respondent

I am a young environmentalist because I want to make a positive difference to the earth.

Lauren Abraham

I have come a long way from a 16-year-old not being able to speak in class to now running the Friday for Future group in my area and representing Ireland at a UN forum.

YAN participant

The voices of the Youth for Sustainable Development Programme.

Instead of imposing heavy taxes on young drivers, fix the public transport network, fix thetraffic chaos of the city center (stop start traffic is worse for the environment than consistent speed driving) and offer young people incentives to help (i.e. tax relief for carbon offsetting)

Climate Survey 2021 participant

Youth for Sustainable development is the perfect programme for young people who want to get involved in environment/climate action or just learn about these topics. You do not need to have any prior knowledge or experience as everyone learns along the way together. That is one great thing about this programme, everyone learns from each other. The facilitators are great and really friendly which makes the programme all the more enjoyable. Along the way, you make lots of new friends from different parts of the country and the programme can open up lots of different opportunities for you. I would highly recommend this programme, as it has opened so much different opportunities for me.

YSD participant

Not only did we have a great time with our project, but we learned so much! We feel that we really made a difference in the environment and we will continue with our project in the future.

Sandra Lynch, YEA Participant
Why I Am A Young Environmentalist? Because I care.