Environmental Youth Leader Summit



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Environmental Youth Leader Summit; ERASMUS+: Key Stage 3; Support for Policy reform; Structured Dialogue



Expressions of interest by Friday 15th April



ECO-UNESCO is Ireland’s environmental education and youth organization affiliated to the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations. ECO-UNESCO works with over 10,000 people annually through a range of programmes and services aimed at promoting the protection of the environment and promoting the empowerment of young people. ECO-UNESCO has over 100 affiliated Clubs, annually engages over 2500 young people through its Young Environmentalist Awards programme; works with over 200 young people annually through its youth peer education programmes and trains youth workers and leaders. ECO-UNESCO raises awareness, understanding and knowledge of the environment in young people, promotes the conservation and protection of the environment and promotes the personal development of young people through practical environmental projects.



• to educate young people through 4 regional events on 6 environmentally themed SDG’s through structured dialogue with local politicians

• to empower the young people with the tools necessary for them to take action through the Environmental Youth Leader qualification

• to provide the space and opportunity for young environmentalists to engage with key decision-makers and experts in dialogue on action on the issue of sustainable development at the Youth Summit
• to support young people in developing and implementing their action plans following the summit, and co-ordinate a day event as part of this

• to open dialogue in the post action phase with the same politicians in a follow-up on getting their actions implemented into local policy at a national event, which will also function as a launch for the dissemination of their actions results



Young environmentalists (15-18yrs) are invited to come to participate in several events, some focused locally, some focused in Dublin, where they work towards awareness raising actions and lobbying for the changes they want to see made when working towards sustainable development. Participants will leave the Forum with an outline for an action project to support them to act on their chosen environmental Sustainable Development Goal locally, and support them to engage local policy makers, MPs, and MEPs. Participants will also have the option to submit their action project and any further action they took to promote their issue to the ECO UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards in February 2017. Discussion and activities throughout the project will encompass reflective learning, and Education for Sustainable Development methodologies as part of the Environmental Youth Leader qualification (Youthpass).



Who can participate:

Each partner is invited to send approximately 5 participants aged 15- 18yrs of age and 1 youth leader/worker. (Total of 15 partner groups)


When and Where:

• Information event with local politicians: approximately September 2016 with one event in each province

• Youth Summit: approximately mid to late October 2016 in Dublin city centre

• Post event action day: local events throughout Ireland and abroad on a co-ordinated date TBD

• Optional participation in the Young Environmentalist Awards which will be held in Dublin in May 2017 (initially entry in February)

• Dissemination event and awards ceremony in approximately June 2017 in Dublin


How much?

As with all Erasmus+ programmes, necessary costs such as travel, and overnight stays and food during the youth summit will be covered.



For more information please contact Jenna Cains at youth@ecounesco.ie or call 01 662 5835.

If you are interested in joining us in progressing this project, please contact us so we may send on the ERASMUS+ Partners form, (will need your PIC number), a mandate, and an ECO-UNESCO questionnaire which must be completed and sent back.

Please email all completed forms to youth@ecounesco.ie

Send your signed hard copies in the post to:
Jenna Cains, Environmental Youth Officer
9 Burgh Quay
Dublin 2