ECO-UNESCO club in each school will develop its own week of action. Organised between students, teachers and staff, the week aims to celebrate and raise awareness of the local to global action projects undertaken and all the work they have done throughout the year.


During this week:

Students raise awareness within their school and communities of DE/ESD issues of concern. Students are encouraged to take a lead role as peer educators – becoming agents of change within the school and role models for the younger students. They may run a range of activities such as:

  • Facebook / Twitter / Instagram blitz!
  • Display of their action project in a common space in the school e.g. photo board, collage
  • Film Peer to Peer workshops
  • Announcements in assemblies or over intercom on the identified issue
  • Workshops with ECO-UNESCO

Teachers of all subjects will be encouraged to include elements of DE/ESD in to their classroom teaching during this Week of Action, thus ensuring a whole school approach to this event.

Management and non-teaching staff will be asked to support the work of the ECO-UNESCO club and take part in the awareness raising activities.

Groups are encouraged to submit their action project submission to the awards programmes such as the Young Environmentalist Awards or the WWGS Awards to gain recognition of the work been undertaken within the school by the students and teachers in the area of DE/ESD.

Week of Action Support resources are available for schools participating in the Learning2Change programme.


Please contact learning2change@ecounesco.ie for more information