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In 2014 The Department for Education and Skills produced the National Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). This strategy aims to ensure that education contributes to sustainable development by equipping learnings with the relevant knowledge (the ‘what’), the key dispositions and skills (the ‘how’) and the values (the ‘why’) that will motivate and empower them throughout their lives to become informed active citizens who take action for a more sustainable future (Department of Education and Skills (2014); the National Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development in Ireland, 2014- 2020 Dublin).

In the Regional Sessions teachers are introduced to the concepts of DE/ESD along with being given the opportunity to experience some of the activities related to DE/ESD. Teachers explore the links between DE/ESD and the curriculum.

ECO-UNESCO then offer supports to schools involved in the Learning2Change programme to implement a whole school approach to ESD. We offer workshops to teachers to assist them in understanding ESD and its relevance to their subject. We work to assist them in integrating ESD into their subject areas.


Teachers are provided with ECO-UNESCO resources to support them.

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This programme is funded by Irish Aid's WorldWise Global Schools Programme