What's involved in the programme?

1. Regional Training Days

  • Teachers and students attend a local training day and gain new skills and knowledge on Sustainable Development
  • Teachers and students explore possible themes and issues to focus on for their action project
  • A regional school network is established for teachers and students to share ideas and good practice


2. School Workshops and Staff training

  • An ECO UNESCO officer visits each individual school and facilitates support workshops for students and teachers.
  • Supports are provided to assist groups develop a plan for their week of action. Groups may enter their project into the Young Environmentalist Awards.
  • Teachers are given support and confidence to incorporate issues of DE/ESD into their core subject
  • Students are empowered and share knowledge through peer to peer learning

3. Week of Action: March/April

    • This is a collaborative week of action organised between students, teachers and staff to celebrate and raise awareness of their action project and the work they have done throughout the year
    • Groups are encouraged to set up an ECO-UNESCO club within their school to become the support framework for action on Sustainable Development within the school.
    • Activities for the week may include:
      • Facebook / Twitter / Instagram blitz!
      • Display of their action project in a common space in the school e.g. photo board, collage, film
      • Peer to Peer workshops 
      • Teachers Introduce and integrate ESD into their classes
      • Announcements in assemblies, over intercom on the identified issue
      • Workshops with ECO-UNESCO

4. Presentation of Certificates: May

        • Schools present the action they undertook and the successes and challenges they faced
        • Certificates are presented to all who took part in Learning 2 Change our World
        • Continued support for students and teachers by ECO UNESCO through resources and online forum to share good practice

Want to get involved or need more information?

If you would like more information or have any questions on ECO-UNESCO’s Learning2Change Our World Programme please contact us!

Email: learning2change@ecounesco.ie

Phone: 01 662 5491

This programme is funded by Irish Aid's WorldWise Global Schools Programme