Learning to Change Our World

Learning 2 Change Our World promotes Education for Sustainable Development in Secondary schools. The programme contributes to the implementation of the National Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development. This strategy aims to ensure that education contributes to sustainable development by equipping learners with the:

• Relevant knowledge

• Key dispositions and skills

• Values In order to motivate and empower them throughout their lives to become informed citizens who take action for a more sustainable future.

Student Council Training

Teacher Training

• Environmental workshops

Who is the programme for?

This programme is for teachers and young people in schools throughout Ireland.

We currently offer

School planning days

These school planning sessions are for teachers, staff and principals. They explore how Development Education and Education for Sustainable Development programmes and policies can be implemented in the school.


In- school capacity building

ECO-UNESCO staff can visit all participating schools to deliver workshops to teachers. The workshops provide detailed information and supports for teachers to engage students in learning about and taking action on Education for Sustainable Development.

Teacher training

In these workshops we explore the links between Educationan for Sustainable Development and the National Curriculum. The workshops offer an opportunity to expand and develop resources – looking at the development of lesson plans and ensuring growth in confidence with delivery of ESD programmes.

Environmental workshops

The Learning 2 Change Our World programme also offers a range of once-off workshops for young people in schools throughout Ireland such as:

• Fast Fashion Focus

• What’s so hot about climate change?

• Waste Warrior

• Get Drastic About Plastic

• Bee-o-diversity

• Taking Action!

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