What is the Heat is On?

European Environmental Youth Summit

The Youth Summit ‘The Heat Is On’ brings together young people from Ireland Scotland and Spain to learn from each other and experts to influence environmental policy. Participants will take part in online workshops, create action projects to create change, have their voices heard by politicians, learn from expert environmentalists and make connections with the international youth community.  

Through the course of the programme, young people will have fun, learn how to take action to impact positive change in their local area.

2021 Projects

Carbon Footprint Eradicating the Stigma

Their goal is to educate us on eradicating the stigma around people's attitude toward their carbon footprint and climate change.
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Micheala and Anthony are hoping to create a podcast episode centred around how to be more sustainable and what it's like living as a teenager during the climate crisis
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No Name Club

Claremorris No Name Club intends to create greater awareness and understanding of the effects of Water Pollution on Lough Carra.
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Ava Hagan's planned to set up a public drop-off location in her local community for TerraCycle's Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme. She has contacted the local Tesco store for permission to establish a collection box where people can drop off their crisp packets.
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We plan on doing a social media campaign on Bee Awareness/Biodiversity different topics in the subject.
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at home

Aya Zomer planned to promote biodiversity both at a micro-level in her own home and at a macro level by writing to my local TDs. She planned to create a biodiversity hub in her garden through several small practical actions such as using bird feeders and planting pollinator-friendly flowers.
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The aim of my project would be to get both public recycling bins and compost bins for my local area, with the hope of expanding this initiative to other Dublin areas.
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Contaminated waste
in public areas

We want to investigate the levels of contaminated waste being disposed of incorrectly in public areas. It is an issue we both feel strongly about as we both have seen huge increases of contaminated waste, including PPE and masks, in our local areas and we would like to see a change be made.
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Youth Committee

A youth committee to change policymaking in Galway.
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Our aim is to protect our local area and to ensure its protection in the future. We are taking a three-pronged approach, focusing on preserving biodiversity, our beautiful coastline and educating our community to foster a sense of pride in our local and global environment, so it is protected in the future.
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Our aim is to stop climate change & build a more resilient & sustainable future, for us and for our children!
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Song performed by Kiruu, written by Kiruu and the Young Environmentalist Summit participants

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