ECO-UNESCO is delighted to be working in collaboration with the City of Dublin VEC’s Access programme in 2011.

ECO Youth Choices – Access Programme is an innovative 6-week rolling programme for separated young people based on empowerment, self confidence and self esteem building and personal development using environmental education as a resource.

Building on the experience of ECO-UNESCO, this programme utilizes a number of creative interactive indoor and outdoor activities deriving from a range of ECO-UNESCO youth and education and training programmes such as the ECO-Youth Choices programme among others.

This programme has the following overall aims:

  • To enhance the Self Awareness and build Self Confidence of young people by reflecting on the unique qualities of each as an individual and encourage a positive sense of personal identity
  • To further develop & foster assertive communication, problem solving and group cohesion skills
  • To stimulate imagination and artistic expression through the creative use of materials.
  • To introduce permaculture as a conflict resolution approach
  • To connect young people with the local urban and natural environment exploring opportunities for health and wellbeing
  • To introduce young people to Irish Coastal habitats, their importance; and the various opportunities there are for utilizing the local natural environment for rest and stress relief.

If you have a group or organisation which could benefit from ECO-UNESCO’s expertise contact ,a href=”mailto:training@ecounesco.ie”>training@ecounesco.ie or call Armin on +353 1 662 54 91 to discuss options available.