The ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards programme links with numerous areas within the formal education setting namely the Primary and Secondary education system in the Republic and Key Stage 3 & 4 in Northern Ireland.

The ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards programme links most directly with the Geography, Science, SPHE, CSPE, Maths and Art syllabi.

In Ireland, the programme can be easily integrated into the Transition Year programme as it can facilitate suitable cross-curricular learning experiences, support a personal education programme and encourage active and participatory citizenship. It is also recognised as a suitable CSPE action project connecting to several CSPE concepts including; Stewardship, Interdependence and Rights and Responsibility.

The YEA is highly accessible to young people within second-chance education and Youthreach centres across Ireland and linked to several aspects of the Leaving Cert Applied and vocational programmes.




Republic of Ireland

Primary School

History, Geography, Science, SPHE

Green Schools


Junior Cert

History, Science, Geography, Maths, Art



Action project

Stewardship, Interdependence and Rights and Responsibility.


Transition Year Programme

Easily integrated into the TY Programme as it can:

–       facilitate cross-curricular learning experiences

–       Support a personal education programme

–       Encourage active and participatory citizenship.


Leaving Cert.

Science, Geography, Art, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths


Leaving Cert Applied


Northern Ireland

Geography – Key Stage 4

Themes, Atmosphere,

Eco-systems and populations.


Science – Key Stage 3

Life and Living Processes,

Physical processes materials and their uses


Key Stage 4

All GCSE Single and Double award syllabi

Other programmes


Community Involvement (Challenge Area 1)