A film produced by a group of young people from ECO-UNESCO’s Youth for Sustainable Development; Global Youth Leaders for Change (Y-PEPS) programme has just scooped the top prize in Concern’s Food Right Now video campaign. The film entitled ‘Food Security’ explores some of the reasons why hunger is still happening today, the links between over consumption and waste, under consumption and want, the rights of every human being to food and the environmental impact of over consumption. Through their stop motion film, the young people wanted to share with their peers some of their understanding and awareness of both local and global interactions in relation to food security and hunger and encourage others to take positive action.

Concern’s Food Right Now Video Campaign is an EU-funded hunger and food rights awareness campaign for young people. As part of their prize some of ECO-UNESCO’s Y-PEPS will be travelling with Concern to Uganda to visit some of the organisation’s projects on the ground. Along with the trip, the film will also be shown at the Prague One world Film Festival in March 2014.

Speaking about the success of the film, Elaine Nevin, National Director of ECO-UNESCO said “This is fantastic news and a brilliant achievement for the young people of the Y-PEPS group. These young people are part of our weekly Youth for Sustainable Development; Global Youth Leaders for Change programme. They are a very enthusiastic bunch of young people and we are delighted to see that they are using the knowledge they have gained through our programme in a very creative way. Their visit to Uganda will be a fantastic opportunity to link their local to global knowledge and get some hands on experience of global issues.”

The Youth for Sustainable Development programme is funded by Irish Aid and is a peer education programme. Young people, through a variety of techniques and approaches, are inspired, challenged and motivated to act locally in favour of sustainable development. The young people involved explore the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values of Education for Sustainable Development and Development Education; gaining a deeper understanding of the interactions between the environment, economic structures and society.

To view the video, simply click here