The ECO-Discovery programme is a series of day long sessions, which cover a range of environmental issues, in a fun and interactive way.

WASTE DISCOVERY – Encourages participants to investigate waste and waste related issues, impacts on the environment and practical solutions to their own waste production.

ENERGY DISCOVERY – Explores energy sources, consumption, and its environmental consequences such as climate change. Participants are encouraged to identify alternative forms of energy and minimise their energy use.

BIO-DISCOVERY – Field trips to discover Irish wildlife, develop skills in ecological recording techniques and an appreciation of biodiversity locally and globally. It can be delivered in three different formats as follows:

1. Woodland – Explores Irish woodlands in a unique and fun way. Typical destinations include Knocksink wood, Glendalough or other natural places of your choosing.

2. Coastal – Explores Irish coasts in an interactive and fun way. Typical destinations include Bull Island, Malahide Beach and Greystones or other coastal areas of your choosing .

3. Urban Safari – Young people have the opportunity to discover interesting facts about their own city, from the natural environment to local history and cultural heritage.

Fees: €250 (per session)

Environmental Youth Officers
The Greenhouse, 17 St Andrew Street, Dublin 2
Tel. 01 662 5491
Email youth@ecounesco.ie