This programme has been designed to help enable participants to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and explain pH levels in the soil, the stages of preparation required for vegetable sowing and the tools and materials required in order to grow and harvest vegetables. Participants will learn the techniques required for thinning, transplanting and weeding. This programme will cover topics including the preparation, the planting and growing of vegetables, the maintenance and harvest while applying and maintaining safety in a working environment.




Participants of this programme will:

  1. Be capable of identifying the tools and materials associated with growing vegetables
  2. Know how to identify pH Levels in soil and complete soil tests
  3. Make an informed choice on ground preparation in relation to organically grown or to treat with chemicals
  4. Understand how to sow vegetables correctly, be capable of identifying if vegetables are in danger of developing to maturity and carry out maintenance on an area where vegetables are being produced
  5. Harvest crops when required
  6. Understand hazardand safety requirements associated with vegetable growth


This course is currently being offered under our North West Healthy Living Programme.