ECO-Youth Choices

EYC-Outdoor-Ed 1ECO-UNESCO’s ECO-Choices Programme is an alternative Drug Prevention programme, building the capacity of young people to make positive life choices. It aims to channel the energy of young people into positive action; empowering them to improve and protect themselves, others and their environment.

Participants will be invited to take a critical look at their surroundings and assess how these influence them; discuss how to improve them; and act by putting into practice an environmental action-project.


The programme consists of a number of stand-alone or combined elements that can be delivered in formal or non-formal and outdoor education settings:


The ECO-Choices Programme aims to:

  • Focus on the empowerment of young people by developing life skills in addition to providing accurate information about drugs
  • Be firmly based in the young person’s experiences to date. The programme will be tailored to suit each individual group’s needs, to ensure that their knowledge, attitudes and experiences are acknowledged and taken account of.
  • Build on the experience of ECO-UNESCO to date, of working with young people and the environment. The resources and experience of ECO-UNESCO shall be incorporated into the programme as much as possible.
  • Incorporate a variety of interactive approaches including outdoor learning activities.
  • Be conscious of the fact that drug misuse does not occur in a vacuum but rather has multiple causes and effects.
  • Be monitored and evaluated at regular intervals



  • ECO-Youth CHOICES – Social Personal Health Education
  • Community Participation Course (FETAC Accredited Module – L3)



  • ECO-Youth Choices 10-12 Week Programme
  • ECO-Youth CHOICES Peer Education
  • ECO-Youth Choices Action Project Support



  • ECO-Youth Choices outdoor education


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