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ECO-UNESCO believes that young people are key actors in society for ECO-UNESCO believes that young people are key actors in society for affecting change. It is crucially important

that they feel empowered to take action, as well as given the know-how and opportunities to do so. This is particularly important at this time because of the ongoing implementation of the global goals into policy for the 2030 agenda. 

In Autumn 2018, ECO-UNESCO launched its Erasmus+ Environmental Youth Project ‘No Time to Waste!’, which aims to empower young people with the knowledge and tools they need to

influence policy makers of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through structured dialogue.

In this project, 50 young environmentalists  (15-18yrs) will participate in the events outlined below, some in places of origin and some in Dublin, where they will explore the environmental

issues associated with waste. The centre-piece of the project will be the 3 Day International Youth Summit held in February, where they will have the opportunity to engage with local policy makers, MPs, and MEPs and other key decision makers through structured dialogue. Throughout the project the young participants will be facilitated to take action themselves and to raise awareness in their local communities thus gaining confidence in their own agency as active citizens. They will have the opportunity to present their projects to their peers at the summit.



Youth Summit Participants say Hello to our European Partners






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