What: Ever wondered where your clothes come from? In this all new 2.5hour interactive workshop we explore just that! Part of the Global responsibilities series, ‘Fashion Focus’ takes a look at the clothing industry through active learning techniques that engage young people and draw them into the world of clothes!

Who: Young people aged 10-18yrs

Where: The workshop is available for delivery in schools, libraries and youth clubs. All materials are supplied.


When: Upon booking (youth@ecounesco.ie)

How do I book: For further information or booking please contact youth@ecounesco.ie



From the ‘Lifecycle of Clothing’ to the ‘World Map of Clothes’, this workshop incorporates discussions, environmental footprints, eco facts, group work and participant presentations to explore behind-the-scenes of the clothing industry.

As with all ECO workshops, focus is kept on the Environment while covering topics such as clothing production, cotton growing and what we can do as consumers.

The session ends with an upcycling project, making hand warmers out of old socks – just don’t forget to bring your old socks!

“Extremely informative. Very impressed with the use of active learning methodologies, they really engaged the students” (Teacher feedback)

“I find it fascinating with the facts and information about fabrics and the environment, it gives me more awareness now that I have been shown this” (Student feedback)