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Dear friend, 

Environmental degradation is one of our greatest challenges. Biodiversity loss, climate change and plastic pollution are just some of the consequences of environmental damage.  

In a survey we carried out in 2020 over 70% of young people were very to extremely concerned about climate change.  They told us they wanted more information, more knowledge and more skills to tackle climate change. They told us they wanted more opportunities to meet with policy makers and they wanted to be heard. They told us they were worried about their future and many felt a sense of anxiety.  

In ECO-UNESCO we work with young people to empower them to protect our natural world.  We know a healthy natural world is so important; it is our life support system; it is our home and we want to work with young people to build their knowledge, their skills and empower them to act.  

Our work is helps young people meet like-minded young people; it engages them; it inspires them and it provides an opportunity for them to act. We provide education, training and supports.

Join us today to help us help young people and our planet.  Join ECO-UNESCO and help us conserve the environment and empower young people.  

Thank you, 

Elaine Nevin 

National Director  ECO-UNESCO 


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