Congratulations to the ECO-UNESCO Green Teen Club for the recent completion of their short film production project “Mission Possible.” The exciting project included film production training and was funded by Leargas – Youth in Action.

Report from the Green Teen Club: 

The film project aimed to raise awareness among young people about how our day to day actions can have a big effect on the environment. So many people are always charging their phones, using laptops, playing computer games etc. A lot of the actions young people do needs lots of energy and many young people don’t know how much energy and waste their actions need and produce. Generations before us didn’t have all these things (laptops, I phones etc.) so it makes sense that we use a lot more energy than they did. 

Because of all the problems associated with carbon dioxide when we use too much energy, we wanted to raise awareness amongst young people about the amount of energy they use because if they knew the problems their actions can cause, we believe that they would want to change their habits and be more aware of how we need to be responsible for our actions to make the planet a better place to live for us now and in the future.

We wanted to raise awareness of these issues in a fun and informative way by creating a short film that highlights these issues in a non-judgemental way. Please watch our video, ‘Like’ it, and share it with your friends and family!