UN Political Forum

The UN High Level Political Forum (HLPF) 2018 will bring countries from all over the world together to review progress on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Taking place in New York from July 9th-18th, part of Irelands official delegation to the HLPF comes from Irish Civil Society Organisaitions through Coalition 2030:

  • ECO-UNESCO along with the Irish Environmental Network
  • Dochas
  • The National Youth Council of Ireland
  • and other civil society organisations


The Irish Government will be presenting its Voluntary National Review at the HLPF. Coalition 2030 have also produced a shadow report for the meeting, which highlights the importance of Ireland taking the following approaches to tackling the Sustainable Developments Goals:

  • A ‘whole of society’ holistic approach
  • A ‘whole of government’ approach
  • Appropriate investment with strong education
  • Awareness and public engagement


In particular, ECO-UNESCO will be promoting the importance of education, awareness, youth engagement and the youth voice in working towards the goals.  We will be placing particular importance on further government support of NGO’s  which have been promoting the SDG’s for many years.  such as  ECO-UNESCO’s ‘Youth for Sustainable Development’ and ‘Young Environmentalist Award’ programmes.