Geo Telsaru, Youth for Sustainable Development participant, pictured on the left.


My name is Georgiana and I am a 16 year old teenager from Dublin,that is going to take part in the

#youthstrike4climate on March 15th.


I have always been interested in the world around me and how everything I’m surrounded by works. In 2018,I started attending the

Youth for Sustainable Development Programme at ECO-UNESCO, which is a youth group that motivates young people to

take action on the many huge problems we are currently facing as a society and generation.


I was never taught anything is school about climate change and the problems that our environment is facing,

so it was a shock for me to find out the extent of the impact that human activity is having on our only true home – Earth.

We are currently living in a society where money is the main focus of our goals, where we are oblivious of the issues

we are facing due to a lack of education,awareness spreading and media coverage on the matter.


It is incredible to think that many people still have difficulties believing in climate change when everything is happening

right under our noses. Ice caps are melting, ocean plastic is suffocating and killing our amazing marine ecosystem,

and big companies are exterminating forests, destroying wildlife habitats. All these horrible things are happening on our

beautiful Earth, and we as a society still fail to even acknowledge the huge complications we are facing.The Government and

all of the people with power are not doing enough and are still letting big companies and corporations destroy our planet, which is

simply sad and unacceptable.


That is why I am striking on the 15th of March. I am striking, as I want as many people as possible to comprehend the true

extent of the mess we are creating and to show them that together we can make everything improve. We have eleven

years to change our destiny. Eleven years to offer future generations a sustainable and clean existence. Eleven years to clean up the mess our

ancestors have created.Yes, it may seem impossible,however with little help from everyone,we can remake history.History has shown us that

even if it all looks dull, as humans have the power to turn things around and make the best out of every situation.We have done it

countless times and we can do it one more time, but this time is only going to work if everyone puts in the effort.


I am striking because I believe in us.