Age: 5-12 (Junior Infants – 6th Class)
Duration: 2.5/3 hrs
Location: 9 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2.
Cost: €160/class. 10% discount for schools who book more than 1 workshop 
Materials: ECO-UNESCO will supply any required equipment and materials for the workshop. 
Workshop Leader: ECO-UNESCO Environmental Youth Officer
(Total no. leaders depends on number of participants) 
Curriculum Links: See details below



Explore green spaces in Dublin City Centre, and learn about urban ecology and the biodiversity present within the city. Participants learn practical scientific skills for identifying species of native plants and animals, whilst gaining a greater appreciation for local surroundings as well as learning how to protect and conserve the natural heritage and biodiversity.

Curriculum links:

SESE/Science Strand Units: Living Things, Materials, Environmental Awareness & Care, Energy & Forces

SESE/Science Curriculum Skills: Working Scientifically, Designing & Making

Maths Strand Units: Number, Algebra, Data

Maths Curriculum Skills: Applying & Problem Solving, Communicating & Expressing, Reasoning, Implementing, Understanding & Recalling 

 Further Information & Bookings

To find out more or to book a workshop, contact ECO-UNESCO at:

t. +353 (0)1 662 5491

e. youth@ecounesco.ie


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