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Useful Development Education Links 

Worldwise Global Schools

Irish Aid’s WorldWise Global School (WWGS) Programme is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all post-primary schools that want to engage in Development Education issues as part of their school activity.Irish Aid’s WorldWise Global Schools programme will provide a range of supports for Development Education initiatives at post-primary level under the extended Development Education Strategy 2007-2015. WorldWise Global Schools support and fund schools, school based activities, resource development, and capacity building and teacher education. 



The Ubuntu Network actively promotes that Development Education be embedded into post-primary Initial Teacher Education (ITE) in Ireland – our goal is to support teacher educators and student teachers to engage with local and global development issues, to see how they are relevant to their subject areas and disciplines, and to understand the value that such perspectives bring to teaching.


Development Education.ie

This website contains a broad range of materials exploring a variety of development issues and topics such as genocide or fair trade, etc. that are discussed and debated, materials and ideas for teachers and educators and using cartoons and photographs in education, for example, campaign actions such as the Millennium Development Goals or Child Labour, plus a range of other materials including photo stories, Top 10s, annotated links, world book reviews and much, much more. We hope that you will enjoy exploring…


Idea Online

The Irish Development Education Association (IDEA) is a national platform for organisations and individuals engaged in the provision, promotion and advancement of Development Education throughout the island of Ireland.