On Saturday 24 November, young people from ECO-UNESCO’s ‘Youth for Sustainable Development’ programme showed their energy and enthusiasm in participating in a dialogue with policy makers and experts on Ireland’s growing waste issue.


You can find more information on what happened during the event here.



During the first part of the morning, Ann-Marie McNally and Gary Gannon (Social Democrats) held a workshop that saw young people coming up with their own policies and figuring out how they would make them into law.



YSD Leader Niall Barrett talked the group through how to take up an environmental action project for our Young Environmentalist Awards 2019. The talk was broadcast live to other young people who are taking part in the programme in Spain.



The experts who joined us talk to us, before kicking off the structured dialogue section of the day. From left to right: Professor Patrick Paul Walsh (UCD), Sabrina Decker (DCU)Les Carberry and Joe Gallagher (from the Sustainable Development Section, DCCAE), and Duncan Stewart (Eco Eye). 



The structured dalogue part of the day.



Young participants and experts gave their feedback and shared what they learnt with the rest of the group.