Tree-Mendous Trees

This pack consists of seven activity-based worksheets on trees, which explores why trees are so important, the history of trees in Ireland and how trees grow and produce their own food.

Trees in Our World

This pack looks at trees from around the globe and considers their importance to the environment, economy and society. The pack is full of activities, interesting tree facts and case studies from the developed and developing world.

What on Earth is Sustainable Development?

This learning resource looks at what “Sustainable Development” actually means and how it relates to us all both locally and globally. This pack includes activities, games, case studies and facts to stimulate young people to think about what a global sustainable society would look like.

What’s so hot about Climate Change?

This pack is guaranteed to inspire ECO-Action! Containing a wide range of environmental actions and initiatives that individuals and groups can take, and cut-out and photo-copy ready activities, this resource is perfect for both young people and educators seeking to understand more about Climate Change and how to take practical action.

ECO Community Garden

A resource on how to set up and run an ECO-Community Garden – Download a Sample