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St.Raphaela’s Secondary School in Leopardstown, Dublin have impressed fellow eco-conscious warrior,

Laura-Kate Howells. Laura-Kate attended the school to give a presentation in her role as ECO-UNESCO’s

Envrionmental Youth Officer, and was amazed at the work the school was carrying out.


The event that Laura-Kate spoke at  was organsied by the  Student Council and Green Schools electives in St. Raphaela’s,

and the aim was celebrate and discuss the achievements and future goals towards making their school a more sustainable place.


Their work  so far has included:

  • completeing environmentall audits
  • making signs to raise awareness
  • introducing new waste systems in all the classrooms
  • asking the students for feedback on all matters


The school has elected students to manage waste, water and energy issues, and have done incredible work in reducing the

amount of waste produced and energy used across their school.

This has all been achieved with the help of Mr. Joe Brennan, who is striving to make the school a plastic free community by r

educing plastic, banning bottles and working with the canteen to reduce their plastic consumption.
Great work to all involved!
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