WasteMatchers AwardECO-UNESCO, Ireland’s environmental education and youth organisation are proud to introduce the www.wastematchers.com Award kindly sponsored by Cork County Council. This award is a brand new category in the 2012 Young Environmentalist Awards and is exclusive to young people from Cork City and County. Young people are encouraged to look at ways of reusing items that might otherwise be waste and create alternative reusable items. The www.wastematchers.com Award aims to raise awareness around waste minimization and explore innovative ways of creating ‘something new from something old’.

www.wastematchers.com is Cork’s reuse website. Whether you’re looking for a home for your no-longer-used stuff or looking for some treasure, this free site is the first stop. Free to use for all members, the site is supported by Cork County Council as a means of creating awareness around waste minimisation and diverting would-be waste from landfill.

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