The X-Hale Youth Awards Annual Expo took place in Croke Park on Wednesday, 2nd November. Well done to the ECO-Youth Choices Peer Educators (youth coordinators) who saw the culmination of months of hard work during the Irish Cancer Society’s anti-smoking awareness event. ECO-UNESCO’s project, “Our community, Our future”, focused on the environmental, social and economic impacts of cigarettes, from their source and production through to their consumption and disposal. The Youth Coordinators researched and created an impressive installation to present the facts in an interesting way.

As a 2011 Award winner, the group exhibited their work on a national level to a range of experts including John McCormack, CEO of the Irish Cancer Society, and ECO-UNESCO’s National Director, Elaine Nevin, along with other young people from across the country. The groups showcased creative and unique ways to tackle smoking amongst young people in their communities. Congratulations to all 6 Award winners!