What is the ECO WEEK 2020?

ECO WEEK welcomes you to explore the topic of Climate Justice.

This week aims to inform you and equip you with skills and knowledge on how you can take action at an individual practical level and at local policy level.  

There will be stories shared from young activists who have taken action in their communities and workshops on upskilling young people on how they can use creativity and politics as a vehicle to create change.  

All our events and activities are designed to give you the knowledge and the skills you need to feel empowered to stand up, be heard, and create change!

You will get the chance to:

You will get the chance to:

  • Hear the stories of exceptional youth activists from around the world
  • Understand how the world of politics and policies work
  • Meet with politicians and policy makers and have your voices heard
  • Learn how to communicate climate justice to friends, family and climate deniers
  • Get up out of your seat, dance and think about artistic ways to communicate
  • Explore our resource platform where you can improve your knowledge of climate justice and take inspiration for the future
  • Meet other like-minded young people

 Showcase and Award Ceremony

To conclude the week, you’re invited to our Climate Justice showcase event to hear what young people in Ireland have been doing to take action in their local community.

Join us!