ECO-Youth CHOICES 10-12 Week Programme

  This training programme is open to participants aged 12 to 21 years. It is particularly suitable for Youth Reach settings, youth community groups & anybody else with an interest in life, social & environmental skills development. The flexible programme runs one session a week (between 1-2hours) for 10-12 weeks both indoors and outdoors and […]

ECO-Youth CHOICES Peer Education Training

  Participants who have completed either ECO-Youth CHOICES SPHE or ECO-Youth CHOICES 10-12 week programme can go on to become ECO-UNESCO Peer Educator facilitators. Young people will be supported following (or alongside) these programmes to become young peer facilitators.     By the end of the training programme participants should feel confident to know: How […]

ECO-Youth CHOICES Outdoor Education

It does not matter that you are a part of the formal education or non formal education sector the opportunity to be involved in outdoor education is one that should not be missed. Young people will be guided through a number of different terrains and provided knowledge and skills using non formal, interactive methodologies. By […]

ECO-Youth Choices

ECO-Youth Choices ECO-UNESCO’s ECO-Choices Programme is an alternative Drug Prevention programme, building the capacity of young people to make positive life choices. It aims to channel the energy of young people into positive action; empowering them to improve and protect themselves, others and their environment. Participants will be invited to take a critical look at their surroundings and […]

ECO-Youth CHOICES Action Project Support

Participants who are participating in ECO-Youth CHOICES SPHE or ECO-Youth CHOICES 10-12 week programme will be supported to complete a community environmental action project. This provides young people the opportunity to develop project planning skills and teamwork, along with some practical diversionary activities to engage in. Action projects encourage active citizenship and positively engage the […]

ECO-Youth CHOICES Community Participation Course (QQI Accredited Module – L3)

  This programme, leading to a component certificate in Community Participation QQI Accredited Module Level 3, explores community development principles including empowerment, participation & sustainability. Community issues & responses are explored using class room, practical & inquiry based learning methods. In doing so the programme promotes active citizenship through community participation in environmental protection, education […]