ECO-UNESCO Clubs Programme


Get in the Club!


The ECO-Clubs programme is a great way to give focus and structure to a group of young people who are interested in environmental issues. It’s free and open to any group of young people taking environmental action or considering environmental issues. It provides a focus for activities and an identity. Join  a network of over 300 ECO-UNESCO Clubs across the country, and help protect your environment!


As an ECO-UNESCO Clubs your group will receive:


  • Ongoing support and advice from the ECO-UNESCO Clubs Officer on running environmental action projects, campaigns, events and activities.
  • Opportunities to participate in free events and workshops throughout the year
  • A welcome pack which includes a Clubs handbook containing helpful advice on planning, organising, and group activity ideas
  • Information and training sessions for group members and leaders about how to set up and run a club.
  • Opportunities to take part in ECO-UNESCO’s environmental events such as the Young Environmentalist Awards and the NCopy of Youthreach Clara - ECO-UNESCO Clubs in Actionational Youth ECO-Forum.
  • Discounts on ECO-UNESCO’s training and workshops.
  • Opportunities to link with other ECO-UNESCO clubs around Ireland.


Why set up an ECO-UNESCO Club?


  • Raise environmental awareness in your school and community.
  • Develop new personal skills such as communication, team-building and leadership skills.
  • Learn planning and management skills involved in setting up and running a club.
  • Meet other young people who are interested in environmental issues.
  • Take action to protect your local environment
  • Have fun taking part in environmental action projects, campaigns, events and activities.


To find out more information or to establish an ECO-UNESCO Club, contact Dunchadh at clubs@ecounesco.ie or call us on +353 1 662 5491.

Think Globally Act Locally

ECO-UNESCO is part of the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations (WFUCA). As an ECO-UNESCO Club you’ll be part of a global network of UNESCO Clubs.