The Media & Sustainability workshop is a 2.5hr interactive learning workshop from the Global Responsibilities series. The session covers the topic of the world’s media and its influence, while also looking at Sustainable Development and the SD issues we face today.

This interactive workshop takes participants through the concept of Sustainable Development and its importance, before looking deeper at the issue with activities such as ‘Imaginary Island’ and ‘Human timelines’. Discussion topics include the media and its influence, with particular emphasis on Social media. Participants compete in a game of ‘Subvertising’ before designing their own media campaign to highlight an Environmental issue. This workshop includes group work, feedback and presentations.

The workshop finishes with participants developing their own media strategy to promote an Environmental issue.


Young people aged 10-18yrs


The workshop is available for delivery in schools, libraries and youth clubs. All materials are supplied.

How do I book

For further information or booking please contact youth@ecounesco.ie