Camera on Citizenship – Global Views

Congratulations on the winners of the the Camera on Citizenship – Global Views photography exhibition competition! The winner of the online public poll is Mariah Culloty, Co. Limerick with her photo “Different Nationalities Together Make A Difference!!” with 31.5% of the public votes. The second winner with the highest number of public votes at the Greenhouse exhibition, is Rachel Hannon, Co. Monaghan for her photo “Decisions, Visions and Revisions.”

ECO-UNESCO’s Camera on Citizenship – Global Views is a compilation of images taken by young people from all over Ireland about what it means to them to be active European and global citizens. They hope their images will inspire young people in Ireland to take action towards sustainable development. The photo exhibition was launched at the Greenhouse on Tuesday 19th May as part of the ‘Dublin+20’ event which celebrated the work of young people in Ireland surrounding the Rio+20 UN World Summit on Sustainable Development including the publication of the ‘Young Person’s Guide to Rio+20 and the Millennium Development Goals.’

The exhibition is open to the public @ The Greenhouse, 17 St Andrew Street, Dublin 2 (Mon – Fri | 09:30 – 17:00)

1. 11. Different Nationalities Together Make a Difference 2. 5. Survey on Climate Change/Eco Friendly

Name: Mariah Culloty
Community: Dromcollogher, Co. Limerick
Title of photograph:Different Nationalities Together Make A Difference!!

Description of photograph: This photo is taken of students each of a different nationality and conveys the acceptance of varied nationalities within the Irish community in the 21st Century. It illustrates active citizenship but also friendship through multiple origins of people whose country may have been in war with another in the past but by the peacekeeping troops of the United Nations they have now been linked all around the world . As you can see within this photo these six individual nationalities of American, English, Irish, Chinese, Belarusian and Latvian represent the multiple nationalities of many young people we have in our school (approximately 600 students). Being a third year and of a different nationality, I think that being accepted is a global fear within most of us and here this photo is the best way that I can convey active European and global citizenship and what it means to me. The power of young people is mighty!

Name: Ruth O’Mahony / Muireann Hayes
Community: Whitechurch, Co. Cork
Title of photograph: Survey on Climate Change/Eco Friendly Living

Description of photograph: During the autumn, we carried out a survey with all the houses in our neighbourhood, asking them if they were aware of their carbon footprint. From the survey results, we found that younger people are more aware of the environment than older people. Most people did not understand what a carbon footprint was and were not sure of the ways that they could reduce their own carbon footprint. We also found that, although most of our neighbours recycle their cardboard, cans, newspapers and plastics, a lot of people did not have compost bins. If everyone in Europe made one change in their lifestyle it would help us all to breathe clean air. Being an active citizen is about doing all the small things to reduce our own carbon footprint.

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7. Growing Bright Ideas


3. Decision, Visions and Revisions

Name: Frances Treanor
Community: Co. Monaghan
Title of Photograph: Growing Bright Ideas

Description of Photograph: This photo attempts to make a connection between green energy production from plants, through photosynthesis and light, with our energy needs represented by the bright bulb. I chose the light bulb because it is usually used as a symbol for good ideas or bright ideas. The image tries to show good ideas from plant technology. Plants are sustainable sources of energy and if society demands more energy for itself it must develop or grow connections with plant life and try to use plant technology. Bio sources of energy which can light up our homes would help develop a more sustainable world. They say that money does not grow on trees but maybe we might get new energy sources from energy production in trees and maybe bright ideas might grow from there.

Name: Rachel Hannon
Community: Monaghan Town, Co. Monaghan
Title of Photograph: Decisions, Visions and Revisions

Description of Photograph: This photograph is about decisions, visions and revisions young people must confront and make about their attitudes towards the kind of world they want to live in and create for themselves. Can one step make a difference and what step can make that difference? The student is hesitating about what to do next. She thinks about the consequences of walking over the problem, ignoring it and maybe hoping that it will disappear. But by taking the right step she and other young people can comfortably live with she knows she is making the right move. The photo demonstratates that young people must be active to get out of the situation they find themselves in and make the right moves to become active citizens.

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5. 9. Reclaim the Streets 6. 6. Time and Tide

Name: Alia Luddy
Community: Raheny, Co. Dublin
Title of photograph: Reclaim the Streets

Description of photograph: This photograph shows a sticker on a telephone pole in the city with the caption ‘Reclaim the Streets’. The person who put this sticker here is displaying active citizenship as they are trying to encourage people to take charge of their local area and streets and not think that someone else will. The person wants others to take responsibility for their own actions but also to get involved in putting pressure on local councils and other levels of government to make positive changes to social and environmental programmes.

Name: Paul Mc Keown
Community: Drogheda, Co. Louth
Title of Photograph: Time and Tide

Description of Photograph: In Msimbati, Tanzania, coastal erosion has become a major problem for local people but through the support of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Tanzanian government, rangers and other active citizens regularly patrol the coastline to identify areas where mangrove reforestation projects should take place. This photograph was taken while I was travelling around Africa as part of a programme with Development Perspectives looking at how environmental issues are addressed in other parts of the world.

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7. 4. A Balanced Relationship 8. 8. Fair Trade not Free Trade


Name: Bona Mae Patlong
Community: Co. Dublin
Title of photograph: A Balanced Relationship

Description of photograph: Mother Nature has always amazed us with her beauty. This sunset is no exception. The warm glow of its colours just warms our hearts, as if giving us hope for the future. In contrast, the dark silhouettes of the fishing boats that are scattered give us a sense of destruction. This illustrates how we, humans, are slowly but surely polluting our home – Earth.  With the increased growth in human population we cannot just keep taking from Mother Nature, we have to work together. I believe that this photo demonstrates that co-operative relationship. There are only a small number of fishing boats, enough to provide the quota of fish needed. The fishermen are active citizens. They wake up at dawn in order to provide the village with fish, but they do not over-fish. Active citizenship, to me, means sincerely helping each other to survive.

Name: Samanta Clynch
Community: Magherafelt, Co. Derry
Title of photograph: Fair Trade not Free Trade

Description of photograph: This photograph displays my t-shirt design to promote fair trade in our school during our annual Geography campaign. We are actively encouraged at St Pius X College, Co. Derry to design items to promote the annual Fairtrade theme.  This year for the theme ‘Take a Step’ I chose to design a t-shirt that could be worn and displayed to educate young people on the need to buy FairTrade products locally in order to help other people in less developed countries, and for us all to ‘take steps’ to becoming better global citizens. I wanted people to think about fair trade and the influential role they can play by buying FairTrade products. When I wore my t-shirt, I felt I was making a difference. It raised questions and discussions on what is fair trade and helped people better understand the need for looking for the Fairtrade symbol at school, in their local shops and restaurants. 


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2. The Great Wall


10. Wither or Plant


Name: Paul Mc Keown
Community: Drogheda, Co. Louth
Title of Photograph: The Great Wall

Description of Photograph:
In 2010 and again in 2011, I was given the opportunity to look at development, both local and global, through a ground breaking organisation based in Drogheda, Co Louth. Development Perspectives uses a unique development education process to let participants engage, experience and then act on development issues. As part of the 8 month programme, I visited Msimbati, Tanzania and Kabale, Uganda where I witnessed some extraordinary projects lead by local women’s groups to address many issues, but in particular environmental issues. In this photograph Irish youth and Tanzanian youth are working together to assure that fish ponds are constructed in the mud in the tidal areas so that local fish stocks can remain healthy and secure. This is global citizenship in action.

Name: Jing Li
Community: Raheny
Title of photograph: Wither or Plant

Description of photograph: In my opinion this photograph demonstrates active citizenship. It is an ambiguous photograph of a graffiti painting of a tree with its roots still attached. In a way you can read it as the tree is about to die with the leaves withering and turning yellow. The other way of reading this photograph is that the lifeless tree is about to be planted and brought back to life again. This shows active citizenship because it represents people working together in order to bring the plant back to life. In this case I think the tree can be used as a symbol of our planet Earth. To reduce global warming and save our plant we must work together as a team and not let this rootless plant die.


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11. 1. Cleanup the Banks of the River Martin 12. 12. United We Stand Divided We Fall

Name: Ruth O’Mahony
Community: Whitechurch, Co. Cork
Title of photograph: Cleanup the Banks of the River Martin

Description of photograph:
This is a photograph of my friend Muireann, my Mom and I cleaning the littered banks of the River Martin during the summer. It was completely littered with cans, cardboard boxes and election posters that had been thrown in from the road. We feel this has improved the cleanliness of the water that flows through Waterloo into Blarney. I feel this is a good photograph that shows we are active citizens in our area. More people of many different ages have gotten involved in our cleanups since then. If everyone in Europe took an hour to clean their neighbourhood every week, what a difference it would make.

Name: Bona Mae Patlong
Community: Co. Dublin
Title of photograph: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Description of photograph: Nowadays being ‘green’ has become trendy, though to some it is a solution. This photo reminds me of our society. The incomplete seeds of the dandelion portray the division in our society. Some of the seeds have flown away, and have lost their connection with Mother Nature, just like some of us. In order to continue living in our green, blue and nearly brown planet we need to change together. We need to become active in our community and strive for a more sustainable life. It could be as simple as recycling and not littering or something more complex. But the important thing is as they say, “United we stand, divided we fall”.

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13. 14. Community Compost Bin 14. 13. Peddle, Peddle, Peddle

Name: Ruth O’Mahony
Community: Whitechurch, Co. Cork
Title of photograph: Community Compost Bin

Description of photograph: I am eleven years old, I live in Waterloo near Blarney, Co. Cork and I am part of the Waterloo Renewal Group. There are about ten people in our group, all under 12 years of age and all interested in protecting our local environment and community. As part of our Eco-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards Project, we got help to make a community compost bin and encourage our community to use it. We also swept the footpaths and placed all leaves, twigs and teabags in the compost bin. Tourists who visit Blarney always ask us about our project. They always say they are going to do the same thing when they return home to their country. We feel we are active citizens and we are setting a good example in Ireland so people in other countries can follow.  We hope to use the compost for our community garden next summer.

Name: Bona Mae Patlong
Community: Co. Dublin
Title of photograph:Peddle, Peddle, Peddle 

Description of the photograph: Not all man-made products are harmful to the environment. A bicycle is a great example. Bicycles are simple, effective and healthy modes of transport, with both the environment and the human driver benefitting from its use. They do not produce carbon dioxide except for a small amount in the production of the bicycle, which is a harmful gas that contributes to global warming and climate change. Instead the bicycle only produces sweat and smiles. This invention puts us one step closer toward a sustainable lifestyle. I believe that cyclists are active citizens. Their cycling is not only good for the environment but for people too, as there is less traffic around. So I say “peddle, peddle, peddle!”

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15. Recycling


Name: Eleanor Collins
Community: Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare
Title of photograph: Recycling 

Description of photograph: This photograph depicts my brother recycling glass at our local recycling facility in Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare. The photograph demonstrates active citizenship in our local community as by my brother doing something as easy, quick and necessary as recycling, he is showing that he cares for our local community and the surrounding environment as a whole. If more people in the area took these simple steps to recycle their waste, it would make a difference in how we view our environment, both nationally and internationally.


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