March 22nd marks World Water day and to celebrate, over 50 young people will gather in ECO-UNESCO’s ‘the Greenhouse’ in Dublin 2 for a full day workshops and activities. World Water Day is held annually as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

From 9.30pm young people from ECO-UNESCO’s ‘Youth for Sustainable Development; Global Youth Leaders for Change’ programme will gather for a day that will encompass a mock UN assembly, vox pops regarding water concerns with the public, a Skype with young people from Bolvia and a presentation from a young person from Columbia who will discuss water quality and access in Latin America.

Commenting on the World Water Day event, Elaine Nevin, National Director of ECO-UNESCO; Ireland’s environmental education and youth organisation said; “Our event to mark World Water Day is a fantastic opportunity for young people to learn more about world water issues, to voice their own opinions regarding water concerns and toencourage them to explore what they can do in 2014 and beyond, to promote sustainable practices in the areas of water and energy.”

For further information on World Water Day internationally please visit www.unwater.org/worldwaterday/home/en/.