Youth Climate Justice Projects


Raising awareness about the issue of deforestation. ECOSIA is a free search engine that ignites its profits to tree planting projects. Helping the planet hasn't been easier! Eve McGann.
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Sustainably Wrapped Chicken Sandwiches​

Raising awareness about the improper management and disposal of litter and waste in our community.​ Girl Guides.
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Pooper Skoopers

We are looking for more dog poo bins in and around Lucan. For shops to sell more eco-friendly dog poo bags or biodegradable dog poo bags and to enforce a fine for leaving your dogs poo around
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Fashion Backwards

This project is mainly focused on the fast-fashion problem. The solution of ''Fashion Backwards'' was to start raising awareness among young people on social media. Their main topics were how to upcycle, where to purchase second-hand clothes, and some ideas to reuse what you already have.
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Keep Our Blueway Beautiful​

In our local community rubbish removal is irregular, and waste piles up on the river bank and enters the waterway leading to problems for riverbank wildlife. ​There are no Bins at the entrances or exits to the Blueway ​
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Fast Fashion

The fashion industry is one of the most polluted in the world. Every half a minute a ton of clothing is dump into landfills in Ireland. Our initiative is to raise awareness about how clothes are treated and the injustices involved in the fast fashion industry.
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Build a healthier wardrobe

Our project highlight how fast fashion affects the environment. We learnt about the role in the exploitation of workers involved in producing affordable mass clothing.
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Food poverty

1 in 10 people in Ireland lives in food poverty. Supermarkets should sell imperfect food and vegetables. Leftover food should be frozen instead of wasted.
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Fossil Fuels 

We are investigating and raising awareness about how we can reduce and prevent the excessive use of fossil fuels in our school.
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The Oak Tree Project

We want to preserve Balla's natural beauty and create a legacy for future generations. We planted 150 Oak Trees in the town of Balla
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